I know it’s been a dreary summer without my sarcasm and blunt tongue, but I’m back in New York ready for the upcoming fashion season and my last year in school. Before I left my mom handed me a flashlight In Case of an Emergency (ICE). I told her there’s no need when I can just purchase these lovelies.

Perfect for walking around my apartment in case of a blackout.



Ruining my skin and gaining early wrinkles has never been my list of things to look forward to, but summer is. So as I lather on the sunscreen and my natural glow will benefit me in the long run (thanks to my mother who always bought us the highest SPF possible). While Lindsay Lohan and the Jersey Shore Crew look 50 at age 30, they’ll be wishing there were as smart as me.

Happy Belated Memorial Day Weekend.

Hope your skin isn’t peeling off!


Inspired by The Blue Lagoon?

I see a resemblance.

Maybe even throw in a little Pretty Baby.

Now Just give Natasha Poly a nice thick brow.


I’m slowly coming back.

Give me a week and I’ll be back.
Stupid School.
I leave you with my favorite look from the Met Ball


Cause I’m a wanderer, yeah a wanderer
I roam around around around around


You wish you had the idea first.

Luckily I won’t sue

I have No money


I know this spread by Steven Miesel is from 2007, but I just discovered it! Girl, Interrupted is my favorite movie, so imagine my excitement when I was exposed to model rehab.
I’m all about psychology and mental institutions. There’s something so fascinating about how those manics got there.

I think I’m also invigorated by the straight jacket.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

I would’ve played sports if I knew we were getting new uniforms.

I never liked basketball jersey’s and Adidas pants


Check Out my debut in the April issue of Teen Vogue. I designed and sewed the dress in their prom Photoshoot.
Much Love to Sarah Frances Kuhn, Accessories Editor at Teen Vogue

Let me know what you think!
Then again, I’m pretty confident it’s good…
but you can still tell me.